Catarina Salinas was born and bred in Porto, the city where she lives and loves. She’s one half of our favourite electro-indie pop duo, Best Youth, alongside Ed Rocha Gonçalves.

What’s the most memorable gig you have been to in Portugal?

Moloko in 2003’s edition of Sudoeste Festival in Zambujeira do Mar. I remember being hypnotised by their musicality. From the way the synths sounded, to the mind-blowing organ on Forever More! Not to mention the way Róisín (Murphy) moved and sang, that night all I wanted was to be her. She’s still today, one of my biggest inspirations.

Where do new artists get the opportunity to play, any cool venues worth popping by?

In Porto, you have Passos Manuel, Maus Hábitos and Pérola Negra to name a few. In Lisbon, you have Musicbox, Lounge and Casa Independente.

Pérola Negra in Porto, and Casa Independente, in Lisbon.
Which up-and-coming Portuguese artists should I be checking out?

Conjunto Corona, and Joana Espadinha.

What are your favourite venues to play in Portugal?

As I’m from Porto, I got to say, Casa da Música (Room 2) and Passos Manuel for a more low-key gig. Even though there are a lot of great venues around Portugal, I have special memories of Bons Sons Festival in Tomar and Paredes Coura Festival (in Paredes de Coura). The crowds at these two festivals aren’t like those at other music festivals I’ve been to. They are there specifically for the music only, and they’ll do anything just to listen to you for a little bit longer. It’s as if they’re in a closed venue and not in festivals. It’s amazing!

Best Youth performing in Porto's iconic Casa da Música, in 2015. Credit: Paulo Homem de Melo.
Best Youth’s music video “Nightfalls” (which is awesome, by the way) was shot at Stop in Porto. Can you tell us a bit about it?

Stop is a shopping mall, born in the late ’80s that over the years has transformed itself into this music community that actually helped the mall stay afloat all this time. Slowly musicians from different genres have started reviving those old blank spaces and turning them into music hubs for creating, rehearsing and producing music. It has a really cool mystique to it, and there are always new sounds and people coming in. When the “Nightfalls”, that’s where you’ll find us.

What’s your favourite Portuguese song?

These type of questions are always so hard… So, I’ll name my three faves right now (not in a particular order):

Samuel Úria – Mãos
Joana Espadinha – Leva-me a Dançar
Capitão Fausto – Amor a Nossa Vida

Is there a place you go to to get inspired?

My head, it takes me everywhere!

"Porto is like a sophisticated village with great views, food, a really cool cultural scene and home to some of the warmest people in the world."

– Catarina Salinas
You were born and bred in Porto, the city where you live. How would you describe Porto to a foreign friend?

A sophisticated village with great views, food, a really cool cultural scene and home to some of the warmest people in the world that will try to understand every language they can so you won’t feel like an outsider.

Which neighbourhoods do you usually hang out in?

Foz (live), Campanhã (work) and Baixa/Downtown (play).

What’s your ideal weekend like?

If it’s sunny and hot, definitely, the beach. If it’s cold and rainy, my house by fireplace or in the studio.

Obrigada Kate!

Obrigada Eu 😉


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