We are delighted to be featured in the January edition of the Portuguese magazine ‘Activa’. We were asked to recommend the 6 best hotels in Portugal to visit in 2019, share our local tips and give a short interview.

With so many beautiful places to stay in Portugal, selecting only 6 hotels wasn’t an easy task. As the primary audience of the magazine are Portuguese, we decided to go for hotels out of the cities.

If you are planning a trip to Portugal, the following boutique hotels will certainly create unforgettable memories.

We don’t just review hotels, we also share our own experiences and tell the story behind the places we visit and personally love. To help us tell that story, we like to meet and interview the hotel owners, as well as providing you with our top local tips all around Portugal.

The boutique hotels in Portugal that we picked for the article in the magazine were: São Lourenço do Barrocal in Alentejo, Quinta do Vallado and Casa do Rio Wine Hotel in Douro, Areias do Seixo in Santa Cruz, Pensão Agricola and Casa Mãe in the Algarve.

This edition of Activa celebrates female friendship and is on sale in Portugal now.




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