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From €200 per night
Download our Lisbon TipMap

Download our Lisbon TipMap
Memmo Principe Real Boutique Hotel Lisbon
Memmo Principe Real Boutique Hotel Lisbon - Bedroom
Memmo Principe Real Bedroom Hanger
Memmo Principe Real Bedroom Lamp
Memmo Principe Real Bedroom Bedroom
Memmo Principe Real Boutique Hotel Lisbon - Welcome Drink - JO&SO
Memmo Principe Real Boutique Hotel Lisbon - Welcome Drink - JO&SO
Memmo Principe Real Room Details - JO&SO
Memmo Principe Real Boutique Hotel Lisbon - JO&SO
Memmo Principe Real Superior Terrace Room
Memmo Principe Real View

A contemporary boutique hotel with an old-world soul, in the fashionable district of Príncipe Real in Lisbon.

Memmo Príncipe Real is the latest wonderful creation of the Memmo hotel collection designed, once again, by architect Samuel Torres de Carvalho. It’s a sleek and warm five-star boutique hotel in Lisbon located in the heart of Príncipe Real, a fashionable residential neighbourhood right next to Bairro Alto and Chiado.

There are 41 exquisitely elegant and comfortable bedrooms with four Exclusive Rooms featuring an outdoor fireplace on the terrace.

The interiors are decorated in luxurious and warm tones of green velvet, local limestone, oak floors and chandeliers from Santa & Cole. Not to mention the artwork from contemporary Portuguese artists honouring the neighbourhood’s noble heritage.


You will be a stone’s throw away from colourful mansions, tranquil gardens, buzzing restaurants, cool bars and concept stores.

Complimentary DIY Port and Tonic cocktails in your room. Yes, please.

The indulging orange-scented Hermes toiletries.

Perfect a la carte breakfast with plenty of healthy choices. Or just indulge in the cake stand with a delicious mix of bread, pastries and baby custard tarts.

Bear in mind

The hotel can be hard to find as it’s tucked away in a back alley… but hey! that’s part of its charm.

The terrace doesn’t get too much sun during the winter, while the pool is best suited for cooling off on a hot summer day.

Rooms are on the small side but impeccably designed.

The hotel offers a private garage at €30 a night.

Best suited to adults, but children are welcome.

Memmo Principe Real Boutique Hotel Lisbon - JO&SO
Memmo Principe Real Boutique Hotel Lisbon - JO&SO
An imposing oil painting of royal prince D. Pedro, by Portuguese contemporary artist Barahona Possolo, greets you as you enter.
Memmo Principe Real Boutique Hotel Lisbon - JO&SO
Memmo Principe Real Exclusive Room
Memmo Principe Real Superior City View Room
Memmo Principe Real bathroom
Memmo Principe Real bathroom - JO&SO
Memmo Principe Real bathroom - JO&SO
Memmo Principe Real breakfast - JO&SO
Memmo Principe Real breakfast pastries - JO&SO
Memmo Príncipe Real Terrace
Memmo Príncipe Real Food
Memmo Príncipe Real Clock
Memmo Príncipe Real Rooms
Memmo Príncipe Real Terrace
Memmo Príncipe Real Lobby
Memmo Príncipe Real Pool
Memmo Principe Real Terrace
Memmo Príncipe Real offers panoramic views of Lisbon’s gorgeous tiled rooftops and the timeless St. George’s castle.


Fado music
Guided tours
Historical sites
Swimming pool

For more memorable things to do and see, download our Lisbon TipMap and check out our handpicked selection of local experiences in Lisbon.

Local Action

Memmo Príncipe Real is located in the heart of Príncipe Real, a residential and fashionable district in Lisbon.

The restaurant Café Colonial, headed by up-and-coming chef Vasco Lello, draws its inspiration from flavours of the old Portuguese colonies, with Brazilian, African and Asian influences.

Don’t miss the hotel’s exclusive complimentary guided walking tour, every day at 5 pm.

The lovely staff at Memmo Príncipe Real will be able to provide you with many great tips tailor-made for your needs.

Príncipe Real Neighborhood
Príncipe Real Neighborhood
Príncipe Real - JO&SO
Quiosque Oliveirinha no Príncipe Real - JO&SO
Take a break at one of the tranquil outdoor cafés in Jardim do Príncipe Real.
Embaixada Príncipe Real
Embaixada Príncipe Real
A 19th-century palace is now home to Embaixada, hosting a series of national brands and artists focused on Portuguese design, craftsmanship, fashion, gastronomy and culture.
Cevicheria Kiko
Pub Lisboeta
A Cevicheria by chef Kiko is a neighbourhood favourite and we adore their pisco sour. Also just around the corner we like to go for a drink at the cosy Pub Lisboeta.
Mini Bar José Avillez Lisboa
100 Maneiras Restaurant
For a special occasion our top pick is probably Mini Bar from Portuguese star chef José Avillez. The basil cocktail “Primo Basilico” and the exploding olives are still clearly embedded in our memories. Also on the fancy side there’s 100 Maneiras, we love the burrantina with crispy Portuguese cabbage and the mushroom risotto with wild prawns. Advanced booking is required for both.
Topo Chiado Lisbon - JO&SO
Topo Chiado Lisbon - JO&SO
Enjoy a drink at Topo Chiado, one of our favourite rooftop bars in Lisbon.
Pastéis de Belém in Lisbon where you can eat heavenly custard tarts - JO&SO
Pastéis de Belém in Lisbon where you can eat heavenly custard tarts - JO&SO
A visit to Lisbon is never complete without munching on some heavenly custard tarts at Pastéis de Belém (7km) where they were invented in 1837.
Museu Berardo in Lisbon,  a modern and contemporary art museum - JO&SO
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon - JO&SO
Near the 'custard tarts' is 'Museu Berardo', a modern and contemporary art museum which is worth a visit. 'Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation'(4km) features a renowned and eclectic collection of ancient and modern art.
Lisbon Time Out Market - JO&SO
Livraria Ler Devagar
Time Out Mercado da Ribeira (1.6km) is a foodie hangout that brings together some of the city’s favourite food shops and restaurants. LX Factory (5km) a creative hub of vintage goods, art, fashion, music and food - including the beautiful bookshop "Ler Devagar”, which has been named one of the 10 most beautiful bookstores in the world.
A Vida Portuguesa in Lisbon a stunning shop selling genuine products of Portuguese design - JO&SO
A Vida Portuguesa in Lisbon a stunning shop selling genuine products of Portuguese design - JO&SO
'A Vida Portuguesa' - a stunning shop selling genuine products of Portuguese design.
Pink Street Cais do Sodré Lisbon - JO&SO
Pensão Amor Bar Lisbon - JO&SO
For after dinner fun head to Cais do Sodré where you’ll find lots of bars and live music venues. We like Pensão Amor (translates to Guesthouse of Love because this same venue used to be a brothel).
Rodrigo Machaz - Memmo Príncipe Real

We interviewed Rodrigo Machaz, a passionate surfer and excellent hotelier.


A sleek four-story geometric building

Unifying the design aesthetics of the three Memmo properties, the Memmo design team, coordinated by João Corrêa Nunes and architect Samuel Torres de Carvalho, set out with a challenge to create a new build that would house a mix of modern elements using classic materials and details.


Memmo Príncipe Real prior and during the construction works.

Congratulations on the third venture from the Memmo collection. Can you tell us a bit about it?

Memmo’s mission and goal is not to create a hotel chain but a collection of authentic and memorable hotels. So, by definition, a new Memmo will always be different from the others while sharing the same core values: hospitality, contemporaneity and originality in all details. We knew from day one that Memmo Príncipe Real would have the potential to become Memmo’s premium offer. It’s not about stars but about positioning. If at Memmo Alfama, we wanted you to feel at home, at Memmo Príncipe Real we want you to feel like royalty. The entire Memmo team was involved in the process of making the hotel special and charming in all its details.

What makes Memmo Príncipe Real a special hotel?

I think what makes Memmo Príncipe Real a special is the blend between a contemporary style with the heritage of the classic Palace Hotels.

“At Memmo Príncipe Real we want you to feel like royalty.”

– Rodrigo, Director
Memmo Príncipe Real Restaurant

Café Príncipe Real

A celebration of the many global influences represented by Lusophone roots, inspired by flavours from Portugal, Brazil, Africa, and Asia.

Memmo Príncipe Real


In a 42-series of drawings made for Memmo Príncipe Real by Miguel Branco, an interior of a restaurant is suddenly populated by monkeys that are scattered on the tables.

We really enjoyed our dinner at Memmo Príncipe Real, the colonial-inspired menu blends perfectly with the whole concept of the hotel. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

Our restaurant, Café Príncipe Real, is a celebration of the roots of Lusophony through Portuguese and international dishes that reflect the influences of Portugal around the world, and especially in Brazil, Africa and Asia. We wanted to deliver international cuisine with an authentic flavour. Under the supervision of our young but already well-known Chef, Vasco Lello, whose aim is to provide local and traditional food with a contemporary twist. Be ready for a delightful journey through some of the most desirable flavours. We also wanted to invite the local community to be part of the Memmo Príncipe Real atmosphere. With this in mind, we have promoted Café Príncipe Real as a place for conversation, creating a sense of community and a feeling of being in a melting pot of Portuguese heritage around the world.

You previously commissioned street artist Vhils to create a fantastic mural by the entrance of Memmo Alfama. You have now invited Barahona Possolo, another Portuguese artist, to create a bespoke artwork, an impressive oil portrait of Príncipe Real D. Pedro V. Is this something you plan to do with all of the Memmo hotels?

We promote Portuguese artists in all Memmo hotels. The “M’ FOR ARTS” program is the main part of Memmo hotels’ identity. It fulfils our commitment to provide our guests with enriching interactions and cultural experiences from high-quality local artists that, like our hotels, bring creative flair and imagination to everyday life.

Inside the hotel, the entrance is overlooked by the royal prince D. Pedro V himself, represented in a big oil painting by the artist Barahona Possollo that balances with the timeless and contemporary architectural style of the space. Exclusive pieces designed by the architect live side by side with other classic vintage furniture. That, together with the sublime and contemporary paintings by Miguel Branco and a special piece by Iva Viana, make the interior design of the hotel incredibly special and unique.

“… the interior design of the hotel is incredibly special and unique.”

– Rodrigo, Director
Memmo Principe Real Boutique Hotel Lisbon - JO&SO

Rodrigo’s favourite object

As the name would suggest, the Royal Prince plays an omnipresent role at the hotel. Mounted stoically at the entrance, The Portrait of the Eternal Royal Prince (D. Pedro V) by Carlos Barahona Possollo is a re-interpretation from Winterhalter’s original dated 1854.

Memmo Alfama

Memmo Alfama

The first boutique hotel in Lisbon from the Memmo collection is also on JO&SO, check it out. We truly love both offers – if you want to be steps from all the cool action stay at Príncipe Real, if you want romantic alleyways and fado stay in Alfama.

What’s your favourite object (or space) in the hotel?

The portrait of the royal prince at the hotel entrance is my favourite object. I think it reflects the hotel’s soul! At first glance, it’s a very classic and aristocratic oil portrait, full of heritage and history. But if you look closer you will find details that show the contemporaneity of the portrait. The existing views of the hotel and the Memmo symbol (the chameleon) on the prince’s neckless are just two examples. In the portrait, you will find more details that will take you from the past to the present. On the other hand, I love to see our prince at the entrance as the first guest and guardian of the hotel!

As a family man living between Sagres and Lisbon, it must be hard to get time off, but if you had a full day to enjoy Lisbon how would you spend it?

Although I was born and brought up in Lisbon I am not much of a city guy. If I had a full day in Lisbon I would enjoy the outdoors. The mornings are perfect for a bike ride. The new bike track that takes you from the city centre Marquês de Pombal Square to Monsanto Park is simply amazing. Then you can head downhill to Belém through a scenic track along the river to the “Praça do Comércio”. In the afternoon, when the wind usually starts to pick up, I love to take my boat and sail the Tagus. At night, I would go for dinner with friends at Pinóquio. They have a great outdoor sitting area as well as the best shrimp and beer in town. That to me sounds like the perfect day in Lisbon!

“I would go for dinner with friends at Pinóquio. They have a great outdoor sitting area as well as the best shrimp and beer in town.”

– Rodrigo, Director
Restaurant Pinoquio Lisbon

Restaurant Pinóquio

One of Rodrigo’s favourite restaurant is Pinóquio, a traditional Portuguese restaurant with a strong focus on seafood. Loved by locals, it’s so central that it could be mistaken for one of those typical tourist haunts, but we can assure you it is much more than that. We agree with Rodrigo, the local shrimps with a nice cold beer are heavenly. Meat lovers should try the famous pica-pau.

Last time we spoke you were going on holiday to a surf hostel in Morocco with some friends. Any trips planned?

For 2018 I would love to take my family to Bali. We have friends living there and I would love to show the kids a new culture and go deep into the island. There is a beautiful part of Bali, less touristy and more authentic, that I would like to explore with my wife and kids. And of course, there’s are always some good waves to surf for me and my kids!

Memmo now has three hotels under its belt. What’s next?

It’s a little bit unpredictable at this stage. We are sure the next venture will be in Portugal. And definitely in an authentic location. It will have to be a hotel that will add something to our Memmo collection.


Rua D. Pedro V 56J
1250-094 Lisboa


Memmo Príncipe Real is a boutique hotel located in the heart of the residential and fashionable Príncipe Real neighbourhood in Lisbon.

By Air

The closest airport is Lisbon Portela Airport. From there you can take a taxi, the metro or hire a car – or the hotel can arrange a transfer for you.

Lisbon (LIS) – 9km
Porto (OPO) – 328km
Faro (FAO) – 276km

By Train

Santa Apolónia train station is a 15-minute drive from the hotel, connecting to the major Portuguese cities.

By Car

We highly recommend using the well-served public transport and by foot but be aware that Lisbon is a city of steep alleyways and tricky cobblestones. Memmo Príncipe Real has a private park at a cost of 30€ per night.


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