Hello friends,

After a little pause, we are back in action and we miss you all. 🙂

Amidst everything that has been going on, we weren’t really feeling inspired to share our usual posts about travelling in Portugal and its lovely places to stay.

Also, we haven’t been able to physically see each other since February – Sofia is in London and Joana is in Portugal. We’re still not sure when we will be able to hug each other but we are feeling optimistic and starting to feel inspired again!

Is it safe to travel to Portugal during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Currently, Portugal is at the 3rd phase of the reopening plan which means many places have started to slowly and safely open their doors including museums, restaurants, shops, hotels and also our many gorgeous beaches.

Yesterday The Telegraph praised Portugal’s response to the pandemic and its effective hygiene measures.

The Portuguese tourism board, Turismo de Portugal has created a “Clean and Safe” stamp of approval to distinguish tourist activities which are compliant with hygiene and cleaning requirements for the prevention and control of COVID-19 and other possible infections.

If you would like to get the most updated information on the travel COVID-19 measures, guidelines and restrictions placed in Portugal, head to the Visit Portugal official site from Turismo de Portugal. You can also check their COVID-19 | Frequently Asked Questions page.

Off the beaten path Portugal

If you’re looking for special small hotels off the beaten path in Portugal, we have selected our favourites for you in this article.

We are brainstorming lots of ideas and we look forward to sharing more beautiful content with you.

We will all travel again and it will be more special than ever.

Lots of love,
Joana & Sofia


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