We are thrilled that JO&SO has received an award celebrating The Best Travel Blogs and Websites of 2019. This is the second year in a row that we have been honoured by Fathom, one of our favourite travel resources – on a recent trip to Japan, Sofia followed all their tips and had the best time!

We are passionate about all the stories we bring to you via JO&SO, and recognition such as this mean a lot to us. Thank you Fathom.

“Joana and Sofia curate a collection of cool, under-the-radar places to stay in Portugal.“

– FathomAway.com

Congratulations to all the other winners of the Fathom Travel Awards, our fellow companions in this journey: The Voyageur, Scandinavia Standard, Rice / Potato, The Shopkeepers, Jungles in Paris, Petite Passport, Melting Butter, In Bed With, Culinary Backstreets, And North, Pretty Hotels, Munich and the Mountains, A Hotel Life, On the Grid.

We wish you a year full of inspiring travels.

Joana & Sofia


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